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Crisis Support

**Crisis Services Canada**

A national network of crisis centers providing support via phone, text, or chat. Their website also has a directory of crisis services by province/territory.


**Kids Help Phone**

A 24/7 free counseling service for young people in Canada. They offer phone, text, and online chat support, as well as resources on their website.


**Canadian Mental Health Association Crisis Services**

Some branches of the Canadian Mental Health Association offer crisis support, such as CMHA Toronto's crisis hotline, which provides support 24/7. Check with your local CMHA branch for available services.


General Mental Health Support


A digital mental health platform offering therapy sessions with registered therapists via video, phone, or messaging. Their services are available in Ontario, Manitoba, and Nova Scotia.

**Wellness Together Canada**:

A mental health and substance use support portal offering free resources and counseling sessions with mental health professionals. They also have a section on COVID-19 support.


A free confidential helpline for post-secondary students in Ontario and Nova Scotia. They offer phone and text support 24/7, as well as resources on their website.

Specialized Support

**Eating Disorder Hope**

A resource for people with eating disorders and their loved ones, offering information, support groups, and treatment options.

**CAMH Gender Identity Clinic**

A clinic offering assessment and treatment for gender dysphoria, as well as support for families and loved ones. They also have a youth gender identity clinic for individuals under 18.

**Canadian Hearing Society Mental Health Services**

A service for Deaf, deafened, and hard of hearing individuals in Ontario, offering counselling and support groups in American Sign Language or other communication methods.

Addiction Support

**"Four C's of Addiction"**

   This link discusses the "Four C's of Addiction," which include compulsion, control, craving, and consequences. It explores how these aspects point out problematic addiction and provides insights into understanding addiction issues.('s%20are%20compulsion,aspects%20point%20out%20problematic%20addiction.)


**"Get Help with Substance Use**

   This link, provided by Health Canada, offers information and resources for individuals seeking help with substance use in Canada. It likely includes information on support services, treatment options, and guidance for those dealing with substance-related challenges.


**"National Addictions Awareness Week**

   This link leads to the website of the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA) and specifically highlights National Addictions Awareness Week. The week is likely dedicated to raising awareness about addiction issues, promoting understanding, and encouraging support for individuals affected by addiction in Canada.


We hope these resources are helpful for you!

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